Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweet Putty Tats!!! Starring ET & Duchess

"I Wuv You!!! Youz My Favorite Sister!!!"

We Hope You All Are Having A Lovely Sunday!!
Hugs, Lauren & The Fuzzies

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Flashback!! ET style!!

Aww I Wuv My Aunt Squeezers Shoez!!! I Tink Theyz Might Bee A Wittle To Big Fur Me Doe!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Semi Wordless Wednesday!!! Starring Duchess!!

Hey furiends my Aunt squeezer took this picture of me today since I asked why there wasn't a photo of me with my name on it yet. So she made this one and showed me, I'm a pretty easy going gal so I approved and said she could post it. I hope you guys like it, I was in the process of trying to get some petting from aunt squeezer and she started taking photos!! HEHE!!

We hope you are all doing great and having a lovely week!!!!

Big Hugs & Purrz, Duchess, the boy fuzzies and Aunt squeezer!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wez Back Online!!!

Yay!! Hey Furiends!!! We're back online again, YAY everything started working again last night, kinda out of the blue. Our modem FINALLY came in this afternoon, HAHAHA!!! So far we have not needed to use it, we are still not sure what happened. I still need to get all my files back onto our "new" reformated computer. I'll start working on that tonight and tomorrow and start posting and getting back to blogging again tomorrow. I'm so behind on everything WOW!!!! Until then I will post a picture I found online of a adorable corgi licking peanut butter hehehe!!!
I hope that you are all doing great and having a awesome week, TALK SOON!!!!

~Big Hugs~ Lauren and the fuzzies

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Be Back Real Soon!!!

Hey Furiends!! Its me Miss Duchess here, wez so sorry it has been so long since wez posted!!! We hope everyone is doing great!!!! Our thingy called a DSL got messed up Wednesday along with our compooter maybe from lighting wez not willy sure , wez had two compooter peoplez look at it. Since den we've had really limited internet connection and other compooter issues. Aunt squeezer (Lauren) also lost a bunch of pictures and files too. Oh my It haz not been any fun for da hoomans!!! Wez hopefully gonna get a new modem by Today or Monday at da latest and wez also had to do that reformatty thing too!! Wez hopefully be back in a few days!!! Sending everyone lots of love and hugs as always!!!!

~Purrz~ Duchess, and the other fuzzies :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

FAITH - The Two-Legged Wonder Dog!

Hey Furiends!!!!! I Hope you are having a wonderful evening!! I wanted to share this video of the truly amazing and adorable dog Faith!!! I remember seeing her on tv a few years ago I think on the Montel show, Hehe. I just found this video on youtube and really wanted to share it. She is truly incredible and beautiful!!! I hope you all enjoy it too and have a lovely evening!!!

Hugs, Lauren and the fuzzy gang >^..^<

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tight Squeeze Tuesday!! Sharky Style!!!!

Aww It Was So kind Of You To Get Me A New Bed.....It's a little Small though, But I'll make it work!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mancat Monday!!!!!!! Baby ET style!!!

Fact #1 All mancats used to be lilboycats!!
Fact #2 Dog toys make great kitten pillows!!

Awww We Won A Award!!!! :)

Hey its Mr. SHARKY, DUCHESS AND ET Here!!!!

We and Our Mama were so Truly Touched and Happy to of Won a Award today from Our Good Furiends Those Elgin Pugs !!! Diz is our 1st award and we are so touched and think Josie, Izzy, Anakin Man and Their Mama Are The Sweetest Ever!!!!!!! We Want to Thank You So Much!!!!!!!

1. Thank the puppy, kitty or person who gave you the award.


2. Share 7 things about yourself.

7 things sounds fun!!!!!

1) Sharky speaking: Hi everyone!! I was adopted as a lil kitten at a animal shelter in Richardson Texas in 2000, at the same exact animal shelter my beloved sister Timber was adopted from 5 years before. My mama grew up in Dallas and then we all made a big move the same year to Pensacola Florida (where my she was originally born). My Mama Loves me soooo much and I Love my Mama!!!!!

2) ET and Duchess speaking: Heyz everyone, about time we got to say something!!! TEEEHEEE!!! We were adopted by Lauren who we call our Aunt Squeezer about 3 years ago when we were teenager cats. Our real mama's name is Melody and she is the Aunt squeezers (Laurens) sister. We used to come over to Aunt Squeezers house all the time as little kittens so we knew her, Sharky and Timber very well. Then we were adopted by aunt squeezer because at the time our Mama couldn't really keep us where she was living at. So we came to live with our Aunt Squeezer and now stay permanently , Our Aunt Squeezer loves us sooooo much!!! Our Mama loves us very much too and she comes to visit. Sharky is our big cuz and I (ET) have learned so much about how to be a mancat from him!!

3) Sharky speaking: Hey again!!! It might sound funny, but I don't like catnip, It doesn't do anything for me, I like honeysuckle cat toys a lot! My cuz ET is really crazy for catnip though, you should see him, he goes totally bonkers for it, I usually have to tell him to calm down!!! Duchess likes catnip okay but Its not her favorite, she seemed to like it more when she was younger. If you have some fresh catnip you will see ET smelling around like a bloodhound until he finds it!!!

4) Duchess speaking: Hey everyone!!!! I have been told I am very friendly, sweet and a easy going gal. I Love to carry my toys around sometimes like they are kittens, I sometimes put the toy or object in the food bowl so it can get something to eat. I used to have a spongebob square pants tiny foam block toy my aunt squeezer got fur me from a vending machine and It was just like my baby I wuved it so much, I think it was the two big adorable eyes that made me think it was a baby kitty!!!!

5) ET speaking: I Love collecting hair rubber bands. Aunt squeezer has to buy them a lot. I secretly take them from off the counters or any where I can find them and have so much fun playing with them. After a short time though I loose them, because I push them under something and then can't get them back out. I know they are there though because I will come back later and try to get them out again. Sometimes Aunt Squeezer will find whole stashes of about 20 rubber bands when she moves things. She then will put those ones away in a container and then letz me have a few to play with since they are of course mine after all.

6) Sharky, ET and Duchess speaking: WE LOVE TREATS!! WE LOVE TREATS!!! Did We mention WE LOVE TREATS!!!!!!

7) Sharky Speaking: Mama says I act a lot like a doggie, I grew up with my big sis who was a Akita, Chow, Lab mix and she was my idol. I love doggies and always give them a chance when they come over. Sometimes a few of the doggies that have come over haven't been around kitties and so they don't know what to think when I act to very friendly to them right from the start!! Mama thinks its very sweet!!! Mama is a dog lover too!!!

Okay Now it'z time day I pass this on to 15 new blogger super furiends ...

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic! I think everyone is special and we love you all!!!

1st awards to All That Jazz !!
I love her blog and reading about her super cute corgi Whiskey!!!

2nd award to 24 Paws Of Love !!
I love this blog and it is always so fun to read about all the fun and super adorable paws!!!!

3rd awards to Amazing Animal Lovers Blog !!
Love this blog, precious pictures and so fun!!

4th awards to Daily Dose Of Jack!!
Love this blog , fun and full of Lots of Lab Love!!

5th awards to MargeBlog !
Love this blog, fun, adorable and about a very precious doggie!!

6th awards to The Paw Relations !!
Love this blog, we love reading and seeing Lots of adorable kitties!!

7th awards to Lilacs & Cats!!
Love this blog, lovely and really enjoy reading!!

8th awards to Bocci's Beefs !!
Love this blog, so fun to read, love reading about super cute Bocci!

9th awards to Welsh Terrier "George" !!
Love this blog, George is so Adorable and we love reading about him!!

10th awards to El Diario de Lorenza !!
Love this blog, love reading about Lorenza shes a cutie pie!!!

11th awards to TK-Furrever Home !!
Love this blog, we love reading about these super adorable kitties!!!

12th awards to Pip Gets Back In The Game !!
Love this blog, Love reading about Pip hes a cutie pie!!

13th awards to Arwen's Pack !!
Love this blog, we Love reading about a fellow dog lover and about her precious girls!!!

14th awards to Maggie Mae Says!!
Love this blog, fun reading and about a lovable and super cute girl!!!

15th awards to Animal Shelter Volunteer Life!!
Love this blog, lovely blog and beautiful cat stories!!!

Ohhh please know that we Love each and everyone of our bloggie friends and you are all wonderful and special to us!!!!!

4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.

Okay.... we Better go and contact the winnerz!!! Thankz so much!!!!!!

~Fuzzy Hugs, Love & Purrz!!~
Sharky, ET, Duchess and Lauren aka Mama aka Aunt Squeezer

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Flashback, Starring Duchess and ET!!

Playing Is really hard work...

My favorite... catnip flavored salmon...

Belly Rub Please!

Hey Furiends!!

It's Duchess and ET here, wez wanted to share dez few photos of us from a few yearz ago. We wanted to show off how active we can bez!!! hehehe!! Hope you are all having a Pawfect Saturday!!!

~Purrz & Hugs~

Friday, August 6, 2010

Saturday Blog Hop!!!! :)

Fish Talk Friday!!!

Hey Guys It's Me Crystal, not sure if mom told you about me yet..... I'm very shy, but I'm ready for my close up now!!! I was adopted from Walmart as a little one about two years ago, I was alone, small and sad at the time. I am now big and sassy and live in a 29 gallon with my brother Legs, who is a bichir. More on us and the other aquatic bros and sisters later :) I hope you guys like my photo, I'm very shy at times, but trying to come out of my shell!! Hope you are all having a FANTASTIC Friday!!!! ~Bubbly Hugs~ Crystal

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Help Keep Our Furbabies Cool This Summer!!

Howdy Pals It's Me Mr. SHARKY!!!!

Wow It's been a REALLY SUPER HOT one Today, okay ....... It Has Not Been That Hot To Me Since I Stay Indoors All The Time, But My Mama Told Me it Has Been Really Hot, So I am taking Her Word For It!!! I Wanted To Share This Video she Found On The HSUS Website, It Has A Few Good Tips About How To Stay Cool This Summer, Most Of Them Are Pretty Common Sense, But It Always Helps To Spread The Word. Mama Thought The Tip About Using The Towel Was A Good One. I HOPE YOU ARE ALL KEEPING COOL TODAY AND THIS SUMMER!!!


Tortoise Gets A New Wheel ♥

Hi lovely friends!!!! I wanted to share this video with you!! Aww I love turtles and tortoises, what A Precious story I'm so happy this sweet Lady is able to get around now!!!! I hope you all enjoy the video!!! Thanks for visiting my bloggie and I hope you are having a super great Thursday!!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tight Squeeze Tuesday!! ET style!

Awww... now that i'm situated in here, it's time for some grooming.

I think this Box would look mighty nice with some fancy scalloped edges I'm gonna get working on that right away.

Monday, August 2, 2010