Thursday, August 5, 2010

Help Keep Our Furbabies Cool This Summer!!

Howdy Pals It's Me Mr. SHARKY!!!!

Wow It's been a REALLY SUPER HOT one Today, okay ....... It Has Not Been That Hot To Me Since I Stay Indoors All The Time, But My Mama Told Me it Has Been Really Hot, So I am taking Her Word For It!!! I Wanted To Share This Video she Found On The HSUS Website, It Has A Few Good Tips About How To Stay Cool This Summer, Most Of Them Are Pretty Common Sense, But It Always Helps To Spread The Word. Mama Thought The Tip About Using The Towel Was A Good One. I HOPE YOU ARE ALL KEEPING COOL TODAY AND THIS SUMMER!!!



  1. I hadn't thought about using a towel either! Thanks to your mom for some good advice!!

  2. Hey, great idea! We will try this - another hot weekend in the forecast!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Hop, hop, hop....many thanks for sharing "cool" tips during an endlessly warm summer! Could you add Name/URL to your comment section? I have for!


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