Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cool Pet Brush!

Hey Sweet Peoples!!! I wanted to share this commercial for a brush I saw a few days ago. I found this video on youtube today. I thought you all might like it too, I'm thinking about getting one. (I'm not in anyway affiliated with this company or anything like that, so don't worry LOL!) I just love finding new pet products!! It looks very neat and just like what I need, I'm hoping that it would really work like it shows, you never know!!! I'm wondering how loud it is...? Doesn't it look very handy though, What do you all think???


  1. If you do get one let us know what its like :-)


  2. It looks real good to me! I could use it on Smokes tonight!!
    Have a good night!
    If you do get it, let us know how it really works!

  3. I think it would work great on my dogs, but it would have to be about three times the size! lol One sweep and I'd have to empty it. I could really see it for the furniture and car though.

    Yes, let us know if you get it.

  4. Wow, that looks pretty cool! Definitely give us the "scoop" if you get one. :)

  5. Hehehe I had been thinking the same thing 24 PAWS!!! I was thinking that I would need one attached to a 5 gallon bucket to collect all the hair hehehe!!! It looks so cool though!! I will let you all know if I get one how it works!!! Thanks for the comments!!! ~Hugs~


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