Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Please Help Save Doggies During These Hot Times!!

I Got This Picture From http://www.mydogiscool.com , be sure to check out their site!!! They have lots of info about helping dogs during the heat!!!! Also how to help "remind" people not to leave their dogs in the car!!!!! It has been such a hot summer so far and I can't even imagine leaving your pet in a car, that's crazy!!!!!!!! Anyhow It's a great site and hope you guys check it out!!!!!

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  1. It the oppisite in my house 2 girls and 1 boy. my girls are the grey- BabyBelle, and a tabby(we think main coon mix) Tippy Toes. And our boy is Mr. ChatterBox (as he is formally known- aka Chatter or Bubba) he is our siamese mix. Thank you for the comment on my post. I look foward to reading your too.
    All my babies are picture (in this very long post)


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