Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Precious Angel Squirrel Watching!!!!

Speaking of squirrels I wanted to share these pictures of my beloved Akita, Chow, Lab mix Timber squirrel hunting, she never hurt a squirrel though, that I know of, so don't worry!!! This job was something she took very seriously and pretty much any type of animal that came into our yard was not welcome to stay unless told other wise hehehe. The squirrels would go up into the tree and start chattering back and she would start doing a fustrated howling and barking sound back to them hehe. She always knew if there was something in the yard too like sometimes at night she would out of the blue go the back door to be let out and she would be really excited and soon as I opened the door she would run like the wind to chase a raccoon or possum out of the yard. I love possoms and raccoons too so don't worry!!! Timber was always as gentle as can be to all my pets and to my kitties. She very patient with them and very kind. She was my baby girl and I miss her so much. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Always up for hearing some doggie chasing stories too!!!!!! ~Hugs~

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