Tuesday, July 20, 2010

White Squirrely!!

Hey everyone I wanted to share a few pics I took about 2 years ago from our old neighborhood of a little White Albino Squirrel. We started seeing her about a month before we moved (funny enough we are only about 5 minutes from our old house haha). She lived in someones yard and there was a tiny bit of forest like land beside their home. We saw her there all the time. ISN'T SHE CUTE!!!??!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have any white squirrely stories? I'd love to hear them!!!!! ~Hugs~ Lauren


  1. I wish I had a white squirrely story! He is so cute. We have every color of squirrel imaginable, but not white. Though I sure the dogs would love to chase him regardless of his color. They aren't prejudice!!

  2. I've never seen a white squirrel before!
    The ones we have here are brown, I see
    them each time we go to the botanical
    gardens. Fast movers they are and cheeky too!!


  3. That is awesome!! I want a white squirrel

  4. Hey guys thanks for the comments!!! I'm So Glad you liked the pictures!!! Where we live now about five minutes from our old place we have about a million squirrels that come in our yard, Anytime someone opened the door you see this explosion of squirrels running and jumping to get back in the trees hehehe, I've still never seen a albino squirrel in our yard though, wish we would!!!

  5. We've never seen a white one, but we sure have lots of the grey and red ones.


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